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Tires: You're key to safety and comfort!

At Sarnia Hyundai, we love tires! We know your tires and your driving habits better than anyone does. We are committed to offering the very best pricing on a good, better, best basis for all-season and winter tire solutions. If you purchase a winter tire and rim package we offer storage for only $25 / season (2 seasons - winter and summer) for your convenience.

The pricing of tires in the marketplace is very aggressive and so are we! Call us for the most upto date pricing available!

Remember that pothole you hit during the last thaw? Well, it might just come back to haunt you later this year.

Read any good tires lately?

A lot of us don't give the tires on our vehicle a second thought, partly due to the fact that today's tires are so reliable.

However, this might be a good time to pay your tires a bit more respect. Now that the weather is easing and our mileage figures are increasing an abused tire may just fail when you least expect it.

  • Keeping a tight reign on loose wheels

Let's start with the easy stuff. If the average temperature is reaching seven degrees Celsius and you have winter tires still on your vehicle, it's time to swap them out for summer rubber.

If you're running all season radials, then it might be a good time to fully inspect the rubber for cuts, abrasions and low pressures.

Probably the one thing even tire-savvy people don't realize is that tires have a memory. Remember that pothole you hit during the last thaw? Well, it might just come back to haunt you later this year.

  • Dealing with the bumps of everyday driving

Impacts caused on the road will damage or weaken the cords making up the structure of a tire, and continued use will cause this damage to reappear.

Also, have a read at the information printed on the tire sidewall and most importantly, the tire's load carrying ability and the production date.

To figure out how much your vehicle can safely carry, take the load carrying capacity printed on the side wall, multiply the figure by four (four tires) and subtract the gross vehicle weight (available in the owner's manual). Remember that the ability of a tire to carry a load is directly affected by the air pressure in the unit.

Low air pressure will also affect handling, braking ability and tire life.

  • Handling anti-lock brakes

The other important bit of information is the DOT Number. In particular, we're looking for the last 4 digits, which identify the week and year the tire was made. 1213, for example, translates into the 12th week of 2013.

Tires are stale dated at six years, so remember that a bargain tire with prices too good to believe may be 4 years old, which translates into a recommended service life of just two years.